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We are highly trained and licensed residential electrical contractors. If you need any assistance with your home’s electrical problems give us a call at 951-570-7445, we would be happy to help you!


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Highly Experienced Residential Electricians Providing Service in Riverside County

Are you looking for a trustworthy Residential Electrician to complete an electrical job for your home? Look no further, at Legacy Electric we are masters of our craft and know everything there is to know about electrical work. Quality of work is hard to find, especially when there are a lot of electrician companies out there. We’re not saying all of them are bad, but we know what we offer and that’s efficiency, professionalism, and high quality service.
We understand that working with electricity can be dangerous if not installed correctly or not thoroughly understood. Mistakes in wiring or wiring design can lead to major damages in and around a home. This is why we plan vigilantly before undergoing any residential electrical job. We make sure that all your wiring is is properly secured as well as hidden away from any potential hazards. You can trust Legacy Electric to get the job done the first time!


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Our philosophy is to give our customers the most honest, reliable, and professional electrical services available to you in California.

Residential Electrical Benefits

  • Professional Electrical Work
  • Reliable Electrical Support
  • 24/7 Support
  • No Safety Worries
  • Electrical Job Done Right The First Time
  • Your Home is Protected

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Residential Electrical Services We Offer

We are an electrical company who provides a variety of services to home owners that include, but are not limited to, electrical trouble shooting, wiring services, surge protection, and electrical panel upgrades. Legacy Electric has a versatile cross-trained staff of electricians that is able to provide any type of service for any size home. If you have an electrical service that you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you out.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

If your home is older than 10 years, the chance of you needing an electrical panel upgrade is pretty high. Upgrading an electrical panel can better equip your home for modern world electrical demands. We are more than capable of upgrading your panel to 100 or 200 amps. Give us a call to discuss what panel you would need for your home.


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Electrical Troubleshooting

Do you have lightbulbs that keep on flickering and replacing them didn’t help? Maybe there’s a problem with the lightbulb housing. This is a good indication that the wiring may be giving out or needs replacing. Of course we can’t assume that until we have a look. This is why we would love to help you troubleshoot an electrical problem and identify the root source of the problem.

Electrical Wiring Service

Normally this applies to new construction, but on occasion, older homes that has outdated electrical wiring needs to be updated with modern wiring. If you need any wiring service for new construction or older homes, we would be happy to help you!


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Surge Protection

Installing a proper surge protection for you home is very important, especially if the value of all your home appliances is pretty high. Normally, the surge protector would be installed near a breaker and it’s used to protect all of the appliances that are powered by your home. Don’t risk the chances of your appliances shorting out because your home wasn’t equipped with a surge protector. Contact us to schedule a surge protector installation for your home.

Home Lighting Services

Did you know that lighting can alter the mood inside your home? Did you also know that Installing flood lights that points out to your front and backyard provides extra level of security? Well we do it all! We take pride in our lighting service, which can create a major difference to your home. If you’re looking for bathroom fixtures, living space mood lighting, or even advanced security lighting, we’ve got you covered! Request a service today and we can get anything taken care for you.


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We had seven indoor ceiling fans to install and four outdoor ceiling fans to install on our front porch and patio. What a great job Antonio did – Great price with great service from a know-how licensed electrical contractor! I will definitely hire Antonio again and I highly recommend Legacy Electric for any and all your electrical needs. Thank you, Tony!

David R. | San Jacinto, CA

After 10 years of dealing with local electricians, I FINALLY found one that took care of me at a great price. I will use Legacy Electric in the future for other projects. Legacy is the Best Electrician in Beaumont, CA.


Juan C. | Beaumont, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked a lot with whole house fan installations. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to click on the read more link down below.

I have no power either on my outlets or lights. What do I do?

We would recommend the homeowner go to the panel and check for tripped breakers. If they all appear to be on, call us for further assistance. We don’t want any homeowner to get hurt with any electrical problem.

My lights are flickering, what should I do?

There can be many reasons why your lights are flickering. It could be a bad light, loose neutral, bad dimmer switch, bad LED light, etc. We don’t recommend homeowners to open up junction boxes with out proper knowledge and training.

Do you offer panel upgrades?

Yes we do! Call us to discuss more about your panel upgrade.

Do you fix appliances for example; Televisions, Electrical Ovens, or Lamp Fixtures?

No, fixing home appliances is out of our scope of work.


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