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Replacement Windows

At some point all homeowners will need to replace the windows in their home. If that time is now, Halliday Home Remodeling has the extensive selection of Energy Star Rated replacement windows to help you make the perfect choice. With so many popular brands, styles, gorgeous exterior colors, and charming interior colors, we are sure you can pick just the right combination. Picking out the right window is just as important as the installation. At Halliday we give you several install options plus we are a full-service company that will take care of any nicks and dings that may come with your remodeling project and that includes any painting. Most companies won’t make any repairs needed due to window and door installation. If they, do it usually comes with a significant cost not to mention how long you will be waiting for someone to show up.

Exterior Doors

Doors like windows, serve several purposes other than just being portals into and out of your home. We offer the most secure, energy efficient and industry leading warranties on the market. Do you feel a breeze, see daylight where you shouldn’t or have problems with insects walking into your home? Are they tired and worn bringing down your home’s appearance? We have a great selection of entry and patio doors to fit your needs and will help protect, insulate, and beautify your home.

Trust the home improvement specialists at Halliday Home Remodeling for an Energy Star upgrade unlike any other. Start your project by contacting us today and scheduling an appointment in your home.

Whether you are looking to update your windows, doors, or both, you can feel confident that Halliday Home Remodeling will provide you with a free in-home consultation, professional installation and won’t leave you hanging with problems you will need to take care of like touch up painting. While other home improvement companies are headquartered out of state, we are and have been for generations local and have dedicated team of technicians that are skilled and highly experienced. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your new windows or doors are also protected by comprehensive warranties.

Schedule a free consultation with us today to learn about replacing your home’s windows and doors Call (208-271-6078) or schedule an appointment or request a call-back in the Southwest Idaho area. Yes we do cover surrounding areas such as Valley County.


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Window & Door Replacement Frequently Asked Questions

How much do replacement windows cost?

Cost is a major factor for many homeowners when it comes to window replacements. According to Remodel Magazine2021, the average cost of replacing 10 Vynl 3x5 windows is $19,385 and Wood costing $23,219 for the same 10 windows.

How often should residential windows be replaced?

Homeowners with windows over 25 years old should consider replacing them, both to gain the best energy efficiencies and to protect the “envelope” of the house. A home is an ideal candidate for a window replacement if its windows are sealed or painted shut, experiences ice buildup or a frosty glaze during the winter, gets fogged with condensation or has drafts that come through the windows.  New home construction windows are more often than not of the lowest quality and may need to be replaced in as little as 3 years.

What does Low E stand for?

The term “Low E” means low emissivity. Emissivity is a property that’s unique to materials, such as glass, which light can freely pass through. Low E is a coating of non-visible, microscopic layers of silver sandwiched between layers of anti-reflective metal oxide coatings. Added to the surface of window and door glass, Low E provides greater energy efficiency, increased comfort and protection from damaging UV rays. By filtering out the part of the light spectrum that transmits heat, Low E reduces a window’s U-Value and increases its R-Value.

Is It Worth Replacing My Windows?

Yes, replacing your windows is worth it if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

  • Is the glass hot or cold to the touch?
  • Are you tired of high heating and cooling bills?
  • Are your windows damaged or difficult to operate?
  • Is window cleaning a burden?
  • Do you want to increase home value?
  • Are you ready to give your house a fresh look, inside and out?
  • Do you want to add more natural light inside your home?