QuietCool Attic Fans

Keep your attic cooler even in the blistering heat!

Do you live in an area that gets extremely hot? Did you know that you’re attic is 15-30 degrees hotter than the outside temperature? You will definitely want to have an attic fan in your home. Stop throwing money away trying to keep your whole home cooler. Attic fans can greatly reduce the amount of work your air conditioner has to go through from cooling your home. If you’re interested in having an attic fan installed in your home, give us a call at 208-271-6079, we would be happy to help you!
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QuietCool AFG SMT ES-3.0

  • Ultra Energy-Efficient
  • Fire Shut-Off at 182 °F
  • 1,343 to 2,830 CFM Depending on Models
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Easy to Control

QuietCool Smart Attic Fans can help you save up to 30% on air conditioning related costs and even more on costly air conditioning repairs. Smart attic gable fans will completely exhaust the hot stale air our of you attic, which means your air conditioning system will work less harder to keep your home cooler. QuietCool Smart Attic Fans can also reduce moisture that can potentially damage your attic space.

Cool and protect your home in any climate zone or season

QuietCool Attic Fans are created for the purpose to keep your attic cooler and protecting your attic from extreme weather conditions. These attic fans can also help keep your attic space well ventilated without having to create more ventilation openings. Are you looking to install a QuietCool Attic Fan in your home? Request a free, no hassle, quote right now!


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Experience Home Comfort and Savings the right way!

Don’t let another day go by where you are having hot sleepless nights or just miserable seeing that expensive electric bill. Give us Call Today and learn how we can help you sleep comfortable and save money!


Smart Attic Fan Features

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  • AFM SMT ES-3.0
  • AFG SMT PRO-3.0
quietcool smart attic gable energy saver 3.0

Energy Use Hi: 148 Watts / Med: 67 Watts / Low: 22 Watts
Airflow Hi: 2,801 CFM / Med: 2,041 CFM / Low: 1,337 CFM
SQFT Coverage Covers up to 4,000 SQFT
Number of Speeds 3
Controls QuietCool Smart Control Hub


quietcool smart attic gable professional 3.0 series

Energy Use Hi: 205 Watts / Low: 157 Watts
Airflow Hi: 2,860 CFM / Low: 2,081 CFM
SQFT Coverage Covers up to 4,000 SQFT
Number of Speeds 2
Controls QuietCool Smart Control Hub


Attic fan benefits that can dramatically reduce the heat in your attic!


Attic Fans are not only cost effective, but they are also highly reliable when it comes to helping keep your whole home cooler. These fans help keep your attic temperature in balance with the outside temperature.


Attics can trap in hot stale air. Guess what happens to air that doesn’t have enough ventilation to escape through? The air will force itself back into your home but with way more particles. Attic fans help you power ventilate exhausting harmful air out.


Depending on where you live and how often you use your air conditioning system, attic fans can yield amazing savings. By reducing your A/C usage by up to 50-90%, you’ll end up saving money by spending less on home cooling costs.


There’s no doubt that running an air conditioning unit can be extremely comfortable, but attic fans provide a type of comfort that is not only great for keeping your attic cooler, but would help you air conditioning unit work less harder during operation.

Start saving 50-90%
off A/C related costs



We are your professional Idaho County QuietCool attic fan installers

For most homeowners in Idaho, summertime is typically hot during the day and cools down during the evening hours. This can increase the cooling costs for your home because you might be running the air conditioner all day and all night. It’s a constant struggle trying to keep comfortable at a lower energy cost. We have a perfect solution for you and your home and know exactly what you’re looking for, with QuietCool whole house fans you can stay comfortable at a fraction of the cost by not constantly running an air conditioning unit.

Here at Halliday Home Remodeling, we take the needs of all Idaho homeowners seriously. Let us be the Cooling experts that you can trust for all your energy-efficient home cooling needs. When you’re looking for quality products, fast and friendly service, and results that can make you smile, you don’t need to look any further.
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So why choose a QuietCool attic fan for your home’s attic?

There are plenty of attic fan companies out there creating and developing new attic fans, but there is one company that places themselves at the forefront of the whole house fan industry and that is QuietCool. Since 2003, QuietCool has been developing ground-breaking whole house fan technology by improving air flow, quiet operation, and even creating durable products. We are home cooling experts and we know what brands are the best, we install QuietCool attic fans and whole house fans because they are the best. They have a mission and that’s to keep homeowners comfortable for pennies an hour.

Are you wondering what attic fan is perfect for your attic space?

Our QuietCool Experts are highly trained and certified attic fan installers. Contact us today and get a free quote. We just need some details to give you an accurate recommendation. Don’t worry your information is completely safe!


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Attic Fan Frequently Asked Questions

Do attic fans really help the living area?

Attic fans don’t directly cool the living area, but attic fans can be used in tandem with your air conditioning unit to cool your living area much quicker.

How long should you run an attic fan?

There’s no set time on when to run an attic fan. Most attic fans now have built in thermostats that will either turn on or shut the attic fan off when it reaches specific temperatures.

Can an attic fan cool my house?

Attic fans can’t cool the whole entire house down. Instead, attic fans are designed to keep the attic cooler by pushing the built-up hot air that is trapped in the attic through the attic’s ventilation openings.

How much does it cost to install a attic fan?

Attic fans aren’t cheap, but they are not expensive as well. Most attic fans last for more than 10 years, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth as the time passes by. If you install and attic fan with a whole house fan, the cost for installation can greatly be reduced.

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