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Garage whole house fan benefits
that can dramatically reduce the heat in your garage!


Energy Efficient

Garage whole house fans are not only cost effective, but they are also highly reliable when it comes to helping keep your whole home cooler. These fans help keep your garage temperature in balance with the outside temperature.

Clean Air

Garage spaces can trap in hot stale air. Guess what happens to air that doesn’t have enough ventilation to escape through? The air will force itself back into your home but with way more particles. Garage whole house fans help you power ventilate exhausting harmful air out.

Amazing Savings

Depending on where you live and how often you use your air conditioning system, garage whole house fans can yield amazing savings. By reducing your A/C usage by up to 50-90%, you’ll end up saving money by spending less on garage cooling costs.


There’s no doubt that running an air conditioning unit can be extremely comfortable, but garage whole house fans provide a type of comfort that is not only great for keeping your garage attic cooler, but would help you air conditioning unit work less harder during operation.

QuietCool Garage Whole House Fans Keep your Garage cooler even during the day!

Does your garage get extremely hot during the day? Did you know that the heat from a garage can move into your home? With a QuietCool Garage Whole House Fan, you keep keep your garage feeling cooler all day and night.

  • Ultra Energy-Efficient ECM
  • Fire Shut-Off at 182 °F
  • Integrated Fire Damper
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • RF Wireless Control Kit

QuietCool Garage Whole House Fans can help you save money on keeping your garage/living space cooler throughout the hot summer. Garage Whole House Fans will completely exhaust the hot stale air our of your garage attic, which means less built-up hot air trapped in your garage. 

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